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I have tendency to first like a song because of the melody, then only pay attention to the lyrics after many listens. Then sometimes, a song does a great job of grabbing your attention right away with some powerful lyrics. This song, Tyler Childer’s Feathered Indians was one of those: (thanks, Nora)

If I’d known she was religious
Then I wouldn’t have came stoned
To the house of such an angel
Too fucked up to get back home

Reminds me of this song, The Prettiest Thing, by the Modern Don Juans. Here is the Avett Brothers covering it: (thanks, Spotify Discover Weekly)

It was a news years day at a seaside bar
There was a special on PBR
The ocean roared outside the door
No one but us, and some hard-core drinkers, lost in the stormy day


Closer to ‘even ‘bove

To compensate for the lack of posts, lets keep a streak going. I like this Dixie Chicks song, Cowboy Take Me Away fine enough, but Lissie giving it the Rick-Rubin-stripped-down treatment has gotten it locked in my head for much longer than I would like.

I first heard of Lissie from her amazing cover of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. Doing this great cover might have been a lot of people’s introduction to her, because she put an entire covers album.