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After just talking to Kevin about how great Bob’s Burgers continues to be (including things like the blog that creates recipes to the pun-named burgers on the chalkboard of the restaurant, to the how the producer/artist of the show, Tony Gennaro, creates a custom cover for each script, to just the detailed blog about the show that was talked about before), this week’s holiday show was amazing.
After trying to look up a clearer version of Gene’s favorite holiday song, Jingle in the Jungle, I found a post mentioning how Linda’s fascination with the Christmas tree could be a reference to a popular video with John Roberts doing what was to become the voice of Linda back in 2006. Fucking hilarious:


One way

Sorry if this Footlocker commercial has been on TV a bunch already. If not, it probably will be, seems like it would have cost a bunch to get these people to do this: