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Irish Invasion

There have been a couple really good Irish exports recently, or I just found them all at the same time. Either way, check these out:

The Guard: In Bruges was a fantastic dark comedy with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. When I saw the trailer for The Guard, it looked like someone wanted Gleeson for the same type of role.  While Don Cheedle isn’t as good sidekick/lead as Farrell, it is a really good movie.

Moone Boy: I have a theory that Hollywood tried to recreate the popular British show IT Crowd for the US and when that didn’t happen (like it often doesn’t), that same Hollywood tried to put a bunch of money behind the guys of that show instead.  So then Chris O’Dowd is in Bridesmaids and that blows up, so he is all of a sudden is in a bunch of places.  Though I watched the entire season of Family Tree, it is not nearly as good as his show Moone Boy.  Hulu calls it an “Exclusive Hulu Series”, which apparently means they found it first from Irish tv.

Grabbers:  I have only seen the trailer so far, but thought it was funny enough to post.  It is a comedy/horror movie (hor-com?) that is “an alien-invasion story with a twist: Residents of a small Irish fishing town learn the only way they can fight off killer extra-terrestrials is by staying drunk.”  Maybe I am just excited about The World’s End and grouping them together, but it looks interesting.  Here is the trailer:



Bob’s Burgers



Not sure if I have mentioned it on here before, but everyone should be watching Bob’s Burgers. If you aren’t watching it, there are two seasons on Netflix and some more recent episodes on Hulu. If you have been watching it, then you will know about their commitment to having hilarious songs in a lot of episodes of late. So great of songs that they have real musicians cover them. Then they are animating them. There is St. Vincent covering “Bad Tina” and one of my favorite songs about Topsy (the elephant Edison killed in his feud with Tesla). And for more crazy Bob’s stuff, check out this blog: Behind Bob’s Burgers.