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Spotify Wrapped

That time of year again. Can’t believe how excited I am to know stats that I pretty much know already. Yeah, I listen to bunch of Sturgill in the background. And the stat for oldest is questionable; I think I listened to older songs than Dean Martin’s Sway, but probably listened to re-releases of really old songs. But thanks, Spotify.

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The Ballad of Saving Silverman

I was really upset that I missed this in the credits or something, but it was unreleased until a week ago on Neil Diamond’s 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition set. According to Diamond: “I didn’t ask anybody about it or tell anybody about it, but I wrote this song while we were doing the movie,” Diamond says. “I liked it a lot, but I thought maybe [the movie] needed a little something from the heart, rather than being clever.” After the movie came out, Diamond played the song for director Dennis Dugan, who said he would have likely used the song if he’d known about it.