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Kanye Videos

Throughout his career, Kanye West makes a significant effort to make good videos to go with his singles.  He has had some pretty good ones for this current album.  The latest one is for Champion featuring a puppet running a race.

But the best video for one of his songs was for”Can’t Tell Me Nothing,”  the first single from Graduation.  He originally made one of just him in a desert with a bunch of wind that we decent, but he then commissioned another one from one of the best comedians right now, Zach Galifianakis.  Zach did videos of himself lip-synching with a very serious expression to a Fiona Apple song and an Anita Baker song that are hilarious. When Kanye asked him to do one for him, this is what he came up with:


Ultimate Led Zeppelin

I first discovered Licorice Pizza when it had an post about a beatles bootleg called “Toot and a Snore in ’74“, a recording of post-beatles Paul and John meeting up with other musicians for a couple songs.  It only lasted a couple songs because John was so coke-ed out; in the first track you hear him offer some to Stevie Wonder.

Now it has started making a set of 12 cds of Led Zeppelin that looks worth downloading or even buying.  It is them rehearsing the songs, outtakes that they didn’t use, and demos.  Check, cha check, cha check it out.


Weezer video

I imagine the band and management brainstorming the best way to get a bunch of hype for the new album. They decided on getting all the stars from recent youtube sensations, and it seems to be working for them. Its got a shitload of views already. Check it and see if you can figure out what videos they are referencing. You can also figure out if you are proud that you know the referenced videos or if you think its just sad.


More Friday Funday videos

There’s usually only one post a day, but I couldn’t help myself. Saw this on Some Velvet Blog and was laughing, laughing out loud. Click the “read more” to go see; its starts out slow but picks up . (more…)


Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

VICE ninja rapHypeful has a post about the top 20 Super Hero songs. Some good songs, but the only real reason that I am posting it here is because “Ninja Rap” made it. So if your itunes playlist doesn’t quite have enough Vanilla Ice, get a the mp3 from there. Via Pop Candy. Word to yo mothas.