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It’s All Gone Pete Tong

Based on the true story, this movie follows the life of legendary DJ Frankie Wilde.  This story starts with Frankie at the top of his career which takes a quick shift to a downward spiral.  Diagnosed as being deaf is only one obstacle that Wilde will have to overcome to rise to the top again.  Shot in a documentary type style one gets the feel that these events actually went down.  The beats alone make it worth a watch.



An HBO series whose main character is a do-good serial killer (oops, this is actually a Showtime production).  Although not quite up to par with the Sopranos, this series is definitely worth a watch.  The first couple of shows were so-so but now that I’m into the 3rd disk of season one I can’t seem to pull myself away.  Dexter, a blood expert for the police, soothes his killer addiction by getting rid of the scum that falls through the cracks of our legal system.  Editing, camera work and the storyline become more and more complex as the series continues.


Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Cowboys Poster
This is a documentary (yeah, so I’ve been on a kick lately….get off my back) on the cocaine trade starting in the early 70’s.  Focusing on Miami, FL where the fun began.  Interviews from cops, smugglers and some of Miami’s most dangerous criminals  coupled with newstories of the day tell the horrific events that made Miami the murder capital of the world in the early 80’s. 

 Remarkable footage from local news archives along with evidence photos and real life accounts from the gunmen themselves brings life to the cocaine wars of the 1980’s.  Stunning to see the escalation of the drug trade, the ignorance (and corruption) of the US government and the economic boom (and fall) of Miami.  Puts a whole new spin on Miami Vice.   Trailer after the jump. (more…)


Documentaries that you’re sure to love

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? – one of the best documentary features at the Milwaukee International Film Festival!  Following the 2004 Missouri Democratic primary to replace  retiring 28-year veteran and former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt.  The documentary shadows little known Jeff Smith, a 29 year old part-time political science instructor at Wash U.  Travel along this grass roots campaign as they face their biggest opponent Russ Carnahan to see if the little guy stands a chance. 

 Even if you’re not a fan of the policital process this movie is a must see!   A true underdog story.

Maxed Out – a look at the American credit industry and how it affects us.  It’s really disturbing to see how the credit industry solicits their “biggest money makers” as well as looking at the national debt.  A must see for anyone who has ever taken out a loan or has gotten a credit card.