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Rugby Movie

Its tough to figure out.  Movie studios could be trying to cash into rugby like they tried to cash in the ultimate fighter phenomenom with that movie Never Back Down or with the poker craze and movies like Rounders or Deal.  Or it could be that they have made too many formulaic football movies and have to apply to same script to other sports.  Whatever the reason, I will probably watch Forever Strong.  Sean Astin probably took the role because he needs an excuse to wear short shorts again like in Rudy.  Worked once for his career, why not try it again.



Yep, the first post from Africa is about a movie.  We were staying at a house that had a bunch of dvds and watched a horribly awful movie called “Edison.”  Its very surprising and at the same time not very surprising that no one has heard of it.  It stars Dylan McDermott, LL Cool J, Kevin Spacey, the dad from Home Alone, Morgan Freeman, and Justin Timberlake.  All decent actors except for the lead character, Justin Timberlake.  Also just ridiculus storyline of a swat team called FRAT, Timberlake as a journalist, and dylan McDermott as a badass.  If you like that sorta thing, see it.


The King of Kong


I know that’s what I was yelling at the TV towards the end of my most recent Netflix-ed Documentary called “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.”
I’m not sure how I stumbled onto this movie but I’m glad I did it is definitely worth a rent/watch. It’s simply about an underdog unemployed nobody from Washington who challenges the upper brass Nerds (capital N for a reason) of the competitive gaming world. This nobody, Steve Wiebe, decides after getting fired to challenge the twenty some year old record of Donkey Kong set by king of the Nerds, Billy Mitchell. In my eye’s it has a definite good guy vs. bad guy vibe that will make you, like it did me, wanna cheer Wiebe on to victory. (more…)


In the Realms of the Unreal

For the Chicago kids…this documentary is about the life of Henry Drager.  A somewhat reclusive man but when alone he spent countless hours compiling a 15,000 page novel with extensive artwork and detail.  None of which were revealed until after Dragers death.  The documentary itself is a little creepy at times but this man was a Chicago native and spent the majority of his life in the Lincoln Park area.  The movie is spliced with interviews from those who “knew” Drager and snippits of his massive novel as well as his artwork.  Just thought those living in the area might be interested in the subject matter.  (more…)



Well since Rachel started the trend… Last week I got to see a ’21’ free sneak preview and let me tell you it was awesome! Before seeing it I was quite worried about the movie being a horrendous tribute to the book, ‘Bringing Down the House’, but even as a big fan of Ben Mezrich as an author I still loved the movie. Starring Jim Sturgess (Jude, Across the Universe), Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth the trio does their best to live up to the characters in the book. Basically I loved it and the book is great so watch/read both. But if you are gonna read a Mezrich book, ‘Ugly Americans‘ is my personal favorite telling the story of one man who played games with the Japanese markets.