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In the Realms of the Unreal

For the Chicago kids…this documentary is about the life of Henry Drager.  A somewhat reclusive man but when alone he spent countless hours compiling a 15,000 page novel with extensive artwork and detail.  None of which were revealed until after Dragers death.  The documentary itself is a little creepy at times but this man was a Chicago native and spent the majority of his life in the Lincoln Park area.  The movie is spliced with interviews from those who “knew” Drager and snippits of his massive novel as well as his artwork.  Just thought those living in the area might be interested in the subject matter.  (more…)



Well since Rachel started the trend… Last week I got to see a ’21’ free sneak preview and let me tell you it was awesome! Before seeing it I was quite worried about the movie being a horrendous tribute to the book, ‘Bringing Down the House’, but even as a big fan of Ben Mezrich as an author I still loved the movie. Starring Jim Sturgess (Jude, Across the Universe), Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth the trio does their best to live up to the characters in the book. Basically I loved it and the book is great so watch/read both. But if you are gonna read a Mezrich book, ‘Ugly Americans‘ is my personal favorite telling the story of one man who played games with the Japanese markets.


30 Days of Night

I know I’ve been a little lax on the movie reviews lately but I haven’t seen anything worthy of the Bruce.  However, if you are keen to vampire movies, 30 Days of Night will be right up your alley.  Staring Josh Hartnett (yeah, i thought the same thing…but he is surprisingly good in this thriller) and co-written by Steve Niles (who wrote the original comic book) the movie takes us to a small Alaskan town preparing for a month of darkness.  Hmm…sounds like a vampire’s wet dream.  Vivid and gory scenes contrast nicely with the white Alaskan landscape and the vampires themselves are portrayed as ruthless beasts eager to devour whatever flesh they can find.  I would put this up there with The Lost Boys for all time favorite vampire flicks.


IFC’s Greg the Bunny

Puppets.  How I love them.  Let me count the ways. 1. Grover, 2. Kermit, 3. Greg the Bunny.  While Jim Henson may have cornered the market on fun loving, kid friendly furries, Dan Milano takes it a step further with his ensemble of foul mouthed, alcohol soaked puppet pals.  Giving classic independent films a sometimes painful twist.  Excellent in the 15-20min episode increments, but a little much when you watch the whole season at once.  Pace yourselves comrades.


Eagle vs Shark

Oh my goodness, do I love freaks.  Even more, I love movies about freaks.  If you share this opinion I suggest you check out Eagle vs Shark.  A “romantic comedy” (and I use that term loosely) about two oddballs who are obviously meant for each other.  The dialogue and tone of the film reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite.  If you enjoyed that you’ll have no trouble sitting through this gem.  I didn’t recognize any of the actors but my sister pointed out that the male lead is played by “that guy from Flight of the Conchords” (thanks Marty).

I’m trying to be cool like Brian and hook up a link to the trailer but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fail.  Here’s hoping: