Tiddy Bear or titty bear?

If you thought the Rihanna Umbrella was ridiculous, then get ready for the Tiddy Bear. Pop Candy has a post about this weird item and Ellen DeGeneres’ fascination with it.  This has to have been designed for owners of VW bugs that customized everything but their seat belt.


Now that its raining more than eva…

Rihanna’<p>s Umbrella I didn’t know that she already a line of umbrellas out, but Dlisted has a post about Rihanna releasing her second series of umbrellas through Macys.   Jazzy umbrellas, but they had better be for twenty and thirty bucks a pop.   I wonder if they break as fast as all the other ones that have been in the Travers house.  Its a lot of money for an umbrella, but a good bet that Ellen-ellen-ellen would love a umbrella- ella-ella to go with her Rihanna ringtone.  


Edwards/Bacon ’08

Its too bad Edwards dropped out of the race, cause Kevin changed my mind.


If IU had a theme song…

So it is official Lizzy and I have decided on our IU theme song, Justice’s “We Are Your Friends”. It is definitely our favorite dancing songs and I sing to myself all the time at practice. Though we have taken this idea to an extreme and began developing an entire IU soundtrack. Other record hits include the classic Biz Markie “Just a Friend”, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, and Timbaland’s “Release” featuring Justin Timberlake. Clearly we like to dance but obviously Timbaland makes the hits. This originally started out as a post about how awesome Justice is so check them out. Also they will be playing in Chicago at the Rivera in March. I will not be going due to polo but envious because Lizzy probably will and so should you! They are said to be the next Daft Punk, silly I know but they still rock.


Believe the Hype

Hype machine post

No matter how much I like a radio station, whether on the web or on my boom box, I get tend to get annoyed with either commercials, the same songs being played, the dj’s. My most recent music source is Hype Machine (if you couldn’t tell from every post from me linking to it). The site is a collection of many different music blogs and was recently resdesigned so that it will play the mp3s from those sites easily.

It is great for listening to songs of newer bands that aren’t necessarily on their myspace, looking for a mix of a song, or find blogs with similar tastes. You can read the post and decide if you are cool enough to rep the band or you can just take the mp3 that they are posting for your next mix.

Just yesterday I found a website blog that had mp3s of David Lee Roth‘s voice isolated on “Running with the Devil” and Dr. Dre and Ice Cube (from a precursor to NWA called CIA) sounding a lot like they were RUN DMC. Also check out the new Gnarls Barkley.