A while back, NPR had a story about a new urban “sport” called Parkour. It reminds me of when kids went skitching with their rollerblades on the back of cars. There are gyms that are popping up that help teach how to do it right, because if you keep watching more youtube videos, you will inevitably see many attempts at mastering the urban jungle but instead faceplanting.



Well since Rachel started the trend… Last week I got to see a ’21’ free sneak preview and let me tell you it was awesome! Before seeing it I was quite worried about the movie being a horrendous tribute to the book, ‘Bringing Down the House’, but even as a big fan of Ben Mezrich as an author I still loved the movie. Starring Jim Sturgess (Jude, Across the Universe), Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth the trio does their best to live up to the characters in the book. Basically I loved it and the book is great so watch/read both. But if you are gonna read a Mezrich book, ‘Ugly Americans‘ is my personal favorite telling the story of one man who played games with the Japanese markets.


Tom Wilson

Biff from Back to the Future apparently does standup.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Photoshop Owner

Dove has had an ad campaign about real beauty and distorted reality. Cute, True, whatever… I think I saw it on Oprah once too.

I got a kick out of a viral site, that parodied that commercial. Funnier, especially the guy getting a blowjob in the middle of it being apart of his destruction.

faithlessA better example of distorted reality can be seen over at Jezebel. The website got a hold of the original picture that was used on the cover before it was airbrushed/photoshopped. They have a bunch of examples there (like America Ferrerra and French president Nicolas Sarkozy), but not as good as this.mrscage

If you like that, check out Worth1000. Its a website holds contests in photoshop like changing the gender of male celebrities, putting presidents into movies, or turning things into water.