An HBO series whose main character is a do-good serial killer (oops, this is actually a Showtime production).  Although not quite up to par with the Sopranos, this series is definitely worth a watch.  The first couple of shows were so-so but now that I’m into the 3rd disk of season one I can’t seem to pull myself away.  Dexter, a blood expert for the police, soothes his killer addiction by getting rid of the scum that falls through the cracks of our legal system.  Editing, camera work and the storyline become more and more complex as the series continues.


Rumble Strips

While I am lukewarm to their other songs, Motorcycle, by the Rumble Strips is phenomenal. They are finally going to do a tour of the US with the Cold War Kids, but Chicago ain’t on the tour. I first fell in love with them from their music video for it. Check them out.


Holiday Inn Ads Rock

Umm, so yeah…there I was trying to burn the last bit of my week at work. I decided to check out the hotel I have to stay in a few weeks down the road for a work conference in La Crosse, WI (where I will hunt and find the Manbat, but more about that later; google it if you want) and found this gem of a link. I REALLY hope I find these guys in the hotel bar.

I have a mind to never stay in another hotel except a Holiday Inn just because of this website. Fuck you and the light you’ll leave on for me, Tom…you bastard.


Pray for Goulet

Pray for Goulet

So I know that most of our posse has been alerted to Goulet’s condition, but what about other people who are reading this freaky blog (do those even exist?). It only seems right to honor him in an open forum where we can swap stories and sponge baths. has the most information, and also ways to contact Cedars-Sinai Medical Center or post prayers and support for Vera. Brice will be sending Goulet a pub crawl t-shirt to lift his spirits, which we beefed up to high priority on her task list. You can get involved by sending a nice note, wearing your Goulet gear, or purchasing a home-made live strong bracelet from Al.

While I was searching for my favorite Goulet video (if anyone has the tv funhouse video that involves triumph, please share — it is honestly the funniest thing ever), I stumbled across this gem, which is essential in any good Goulet repertoire:

Enjoy, and keep Goulet on your mind.

PS Details of the transplant party will be posted soon, basically, keep your entire schedule cleared.


Word of the day

So I get the Merriam-Webster word of the day email and below is today’s word of the day.

jerkwater \JERK-waw-ter\ adjective

*1 : remote and unimportant
2 : trivial

Example sentence:
“We’re stranded in some jerkwater town in the middle of nowhere,” said Larry when he called to tell us that the car’s engine had blown.

See a map of “jerkwater” in the Visual Thesaurus.

Did you know?
We owe the colorful Americanism “jerkwater” to the invention of the steam engine — an advancement that significantly accelerated travel by rail but also had its drawbacks. One drawback was that the boilers of the early locomotives needed to be refilled with water frequently, and water tanks were few and far between. As a result, the small trains that ran on rural branch lines often had to stop to take on water from local supplies. Such trains were commonly called “jerkwaters” from the motion of jerking the water up in buckets from the supply to the engine. The derogatory use of “jerkwater” for things unimportant or trivial reflects the fact that these jerkwater trains typically ran on lines connecting small middle-of-nowhere towns.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.


Daniel N. Hamrin