Stand-Up Month is the BEST!

As many of you probably know this month is Stand-Up month on Comedy Central. Clearly the greatest month evers! Just the other day Lizzy and I stumbled upon one of my favorite comedians special on Comedy Central. Demetri Martin is a comedian from New York who previously wrote for Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I first saw him on my favorite show, The Daily Show, with his special correspondents section on Trendspotting. His special that has been playing in “Demetri Martin. Person.” is pretty fantastic. He is a pretty funny guy, here is the first segment I saw him on that got me hooked and an exert from his special. Enjoy!


Matt Costa

Matt CostaWhen Neil introduced me to Matt Costa, it reminded me of a poor man’s Jack Johnson (who I like, but I can really only take so much of that hippy ex-surfer rock at a time). He actually was a skateboarder that shattered his leg and started developing is music during rehabilitation. He was eventually signed by Jack Johnnson’s Brushfire records. He has a new cd called “Unfamiliar Faces” that I haven’t listened to yet, but have become enamored with the single “Mr. Pitiful.” Catchy piano that somehow reminds me of a Beatle’s song. Listen to some more at Hype Machine or click on the more button to see the video. (more…)


Celine Dion Is fucking weird

Celine DionCan’t say whether I agree or not with this video’s statement that Celine Dion is fucking amazing, but I must say that her stock has risen in my book. The author of the video has more of the argument here, but I still can’t wrap my head around how someone who didn’t like Celine Dion in the first place would study and disect a two-disc dvd from her in order to make this video.  Though I am glad he did, its pretty funny. 


Kelly’s Calculator Line-Up


Due to my procrastination, I discovered tonight that I have to take a math placement test by tomorrow. As appalled as I am, the folks at community college might have a point because I haven’t taken a real math class since junior year of high school, 7 years ago. I came home from work with genuine intentions of studying, but first I needed to round up a calculator. I asked everyone and searched the house, and really this is all that my family could come up with: Raphael, a fake cell phone, crayons, a watch, or Mickey — quite the selection and not a real one in the bunch. I think it’s safe to say that the love for novelty items has spiraled out of control here when they have replaced even the most basic household tools and have taken over as standards in our home. I hope you all enjoy a glimpse of the craziness. Tomorrow I will be sporting Raphael, as he is the only one with a square root button.

PS Doesn’t it seem stupid that they would even make a Raphael calculator when clearly out of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello loved technology and machines the most? Amateurs.