Creepy HoffIs Hasselhoff the new Chuck Norris?  The picture is from a mass email, so I don’t know who to give credit for finding it, but haunts my dreams.  I never could have thought that I might be raped by Mitch Buchannon or Michael Knight, but now I am not so sure.  And if that isn’t creepy enough, there is a blog that found two Christmas songs song by the Hoff from an import holiday cd. Check them out at your own discretion here.


Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings  I have been enjoying how the Stax and Motown sound has been getting a revival lately. The poster girl of this revival, Amy Winehouse, has been a let down. Back to Black was great album, but since then she has been a zombie on stage and a nut-job in the news. Anyone who says that she was great at Lollapalooza is a liar. So who do you turn to? Why not the band that backed her up on Back to Black, the Dap Kings. Like the Booker T. And the MGs for Stax Records, they are the house band for Dap Records. Sharon Jones has a phenomenal voice too. Its tough to be cool when one of your members has a unibrow, but they pull it off. Check out their myspace or hypemachine for a listen.


For Kelly and her new found love.

Nation In Frenzy About Little Wizard Boy And All His Little Wizard Friends

December 19, 2007 | Issue 43•51 (From: The Onion)


NEW YORK—Delirium swept the nation this summer as the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter novel sent millions of Americans into a frenzy over some little wizard boy and all his flying wizard buddies going on another one of their little wizard adventures.

Enlarge Image Nation in FrenzyWIZARD FEVER: Just look at all the people in their pointy wizard hats.

Thousands lined up at bookstores to purchase the fanciful tale, which chronicles the exploits of the adolescent wizard with his pointy hat and glasses, as he and his magical little friends go traipsing into the forbidden forest and attempt to defeat the evil Hufflestuff people with the sword of destiny, magic potions, and other such fantasy dragon bullshit.

“I can’t wait to see what happens to Harry!” said Boston resident Julie Nolsteen, 28, just one of many grown adults with an unbridled desire to read about child sorcerers playing with their little cauldrons and frolicking around reciting magical spells.

Nolsteen proceeded to rub her hands together with anticipation and ponder the fate of her favorite character, some guy named Dumblededoo or something.

The entire nation has been all worked up ever since J.K. Rowling announced that she would be concluding the series, with men and women waiting with bated breath to see if all the tiny little wizards were going to do all their crazy magic curses again. Message boards flooded with comments from fans who eagerly wondered whether the wizard boy was going to be eaten by mean old witches, or if he and all his mystical pals were going to find the fairy crystal and have themselves a grand old wizard time.

“This is the most important book in the history of literature,” wrote one man wearing a robe with moons and stars on it, who was clearly unable to conceal his enthusiasm for flying horses and magic dust. “I hope Lord Voldemort loses!”

Although the fervor has subsided since the book’s release this summer, the promise of a new Harry Potter film next year has already gotten the whole country excited beyond all reason to see the little wizard boy fly around on his little broomstick for two and a half hours.


Babies Everywhere

The last post about Willem Dafoe’s facial contortions got me thinking about another video that needs to be put on this website.  It is pretty old, but worth a watch.  


Willem Dafoe, You Glorious Weirdo

Willem Dafoe
I posted before about how great I thought FunnyorDie.com was, and they keep putting out hilarious stuff.  Everybody has seen the “Landlord” and the new one everybody’s talking about is “The Green Team,” but this is especially appropriate for this blog because of certain people’s fascination with Willem Dafoe.  He manages to go through so many emotions with all those freaky facial expressions in this four minute clip.  I didn’t think he could top himself by dressing drag in The Boondock Saints, but going crazy to Hall and Oates wins. (more…)