Japanese Human Tetris

Human Tetris

If Joan isn’t going to post this, I will.  I don’t know how else to set this up other than: its human tetris.  Be careful when you watch these, cause they get addicting and you keep watching more and more of them.


Arrested Development Quiz

Arrested Development

Alright well I’m not sure who else is an Arrested Development fan but I know that the Travers family is so if that’s all this relates to then I guess that’s OK with me. I did pathetic for a Travers and I have just moved  re-watching Arrested Development to the top of my priorities list.



i don’t want to cause a panic…


word on the street is that the beloved p.swayz has only 5 weeks to live. he’s only 55, but was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in january and his chemotherapy treatments have not been going well.

now, the good news is that this is coming from two totally unreliable sources, so there’s still hope. here is a link to the story (yes fox news is citing the national enquirer): http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,335210,00.html

first goulet, now this. i’m worried about all the other stars we’re obsessed with and will be spending the afternoon trying to obtain the medical files of gary busey, neil diamond, and kurt russell.

ps — other sad news: jeff healy, aka cody the blind guitar-player in road house, died a few days ago of cancer. sorry to be debbie downer today.


The Heavy

The Heavy  A good blog to check out is SomeVelvetBlog.  Every week it has a “weekend mixtape” with a random group of songs that are worth a listen.  Most of the songs are from older bands, but usually a great mix.  I haven’t enjoyed the other posts there about newer bands but yesterday there was a great one.  The Heavy are a band from England that are amazing.  The singer sounds like Curtis Mayfield; I keep waiting for the singer to say either “aww superfly…” or “pusherman.”  Great set of horns to complete it.  Also, I don’t know why they would have an ax in their band picture, but I like it.  The album is already out in England; I can’t find when it is going to be released in the US. They only have four songs on their myspace, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs.