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Best Robin Hood

It’s 45min long, but worth it if you are a fan of Robin Hood:


Country AF

Is the term “AF” played out? Is this song playing dipping it’s toe into cheesy pop-country-ass lyrics? It’s fucking catchy.

Maybe Paul Cauthen is just reworking this fantastic earworm:


Crumbs, I’m all thumbs

Been listening to the Darkness a bunch lately. Google must be paying attention, because it keeps recommending Justin’s new vlog(?) series where he talks about other bands. This one his thoughts (both good and bad) about Greta Van Fleet.

I was going to post about this song I just heard for the first time recently, Open Fire, which they clearly changed their inspiration from an AC/DC and Queen mix to a Motley Crue and The Cult mix, but…

…this jam has been on repeat. The lyrics are kind of wacky, but so catchy: