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Ted Lasso

If you can signup for a 7-day trial of Apple TV, do it for this show. Weirdly based off of a promo for NBC’s European soccer coverage years ago. Nothing groundbreaking, just funny and uplifting; and uplifting might not be what you are looking for in a show, but I really liked that part of it. They just put up the trailer for season 2, but here is season 1. I would post a clip, but it’s too hard to pick.


Bad Sponsors

I never really enjoyed Conan’s bit about fake ads and even Leno’s news bloopers, Headlines, got old after a while. But I just love when Seth Meyers does Bad Sponsors. The products are funny enough, but the tag lines are great. Watch the most recent one:


Best of Creed

No, Creed from the office. I haven’t seen half of these episodes, but still this is great:

Thanks, TO.