Scottish Gritter

Today (via Reddit) I learned a gritter in Scotland is what American’s would call a snow/salt truck. A quick internet search revealed something even better, apparently since 2006 they’ve been naming each new gritter truck. Even better still, since 2016 you can now track on a map which gritter is plowing where. The names are nothing less than fantastic with the likes of:

  • Sir Grits-a-lot
  • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
  • Plougher O’Scotland
  • Luke Snowalker
  • Gritty McVittie

Which finally leads me to the article/tweet/announcement that started me on this small journey, the newest to the fleet for 2020….SpreddieMercury.

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Spotify 2019 Wrapped

I love this data like this. Listened to 49,069 minutes in 2019 and 64,544 minutes of spotify in 2015. Spent 184 hours listening to Maren Moris. No real surprises, I listen to these artists pretty much on repeat in the background when working, but still fun.

Also, apparently I discovered Motley Crue this year!

Check it out yourself. I’d love to hear what other people got: