Spotify 2019 Wrapped

I love this data like this. Listened to 49,069 minutes in 2019 and 64,544 minutes of spotify in 2015. Spent 184 hours listening to Maren Moris. No real surprises, I listen to these artists pretty much on repeat in the background when working, but still fun.

Also, apparently I discovered Motley Crue this year!

Check it out yourself. I’d love to hear what other people got:

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Anime Sturgill

If you don’t like Sturgill, sorry for posting every time he does anything. Also, if you don’t like Sturgill, why not?

Anyway, he has a new album and accompanying movie/long-form-music-video. Here is one of the songs. It is not country, but it doesn’t matter. It is great. Fun fact, he produced the new album of Tyler Childers, the subject of the last post.