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  • Simpsons vs. Simpsons 

    Great think piece about the decline of the Simpsons. Definitely worth the 12min watch.

    Funny, one of the episodes they list as the start of the decline, the pretzel wagon episode, is probably one of my favorites (and Mike and Matt’s too I believe).

    Brian 8:22 am on August 18, 2017  

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  • Chris Stapleton sings “Rhinestone Cowboy” 

    Love this track.

    Thanks RS.

    Brian 4:01 pm on August 14, 2017  

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  • John Bonham is the best 

    Thanks Uncrate.

    Brian 10:47 pm on July 31, 2017  

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  • Alts 

    Brian 10:56 pm on July 30, 2017  

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  • Know No Better 

    I thought this was cute/entertaining from Major Lazer. When you click/tap the screen, it changes from reality to a dream.