Listening the Rain

On the topic of Sturgill covers, I thought I would keep it going because I got this song stuck in my head doing that last post.

I was thinking about posting Long White Lines ever since I read it here, but I can’t find the Buford Abner version anywhere. The Aaron Tipping version is very 90’s country, so…

Man, Sturgill can do a cover. And as good of a guitarist as he is, when he was touring with Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, the Estonian country shredding guitarist was always mentioned. This cover Listening to the Rain (originally by the Osborne Brothers) featured that guitarist pretty well.


Couldn’t ‘ave come at a better time.

Apparently it’s St. Patricks day?! I’m kinda surprised I haven’t posted these songs before. (Previous St. Paddy posts/songs from 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008) They are definitely not on Spotify. My favorite two songs off the album. Can You Hear The Rangers Sing / Sean South has definitely the go-to Irish song thanks to Brendan. Here are some mp3s:

Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time:

Can You Hear The Rangers Sing/ Sean South Of Garryowen


Dessie O’Halloran

When collecting as many songs as I could for a Saint Patrick’s Day DJ season, I came was given this album by Dessie O’Halloran. Horrible voice, but something about it that very catchy. For years past, Spotify only had a reggae infused version of the first song (which I’m glad I can’t find), and now it has the album version I first heard:

And apparently I posted about this dude before.