You spelled tonight wrong too.

Me and Mike were having a conversation which lead to a discussion of Billy Squire, so while doing a deep dive of Emotions in Motion and Don’t Say No, I googled him to see what he looked like these days (not bad by the way, he has avoided the bloated-and-still-wearing-leather-and-earings look some 70’s and 80’s rockstars go for) and couldn’t avoid this headline: Billy Squire’s Career Killing Video.

The succinct gist from the wikipedia page:

Despite its major success, the song is sometimes associated with the end of Squier’s career as a singles artist due to the music video, which was described as one of the worst ever in the 2011 book I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution. Directed by Kenny Ortega, it shows Squier dancing around a bed with pastel-colored satin sheets. Squier’s concert ticket sales immediately suffered, and he later fired his managers. He has accused Ortega of deceiving him and altering his original concept, which Ortega denies. While Squier has remained steadfast that the video alone was responsible for the initial decline in his popularity, other commentators have been less certain.

It’s bad, but I was expecting worse.


Cover me badd

Thanks to Mike for the another fun recommendation, but Neil Young’s Homegrown is a good listen. I wrote a whole bit here gushing over his cover of Love Is A Rose, until I looked up the wikipedia article to link to and learned that Neil in-fact wrote the song and that Homegrown is an only recently released album originally recorded in 1975. Here is a link to Linda Ronstadt’s version only because I love it so much, but here is Neil Young’s version:

And it’s a great melody; check out his Dance Dance Dance from Live at Massey Hall 1971.