Tell me Spotify

I guess we could/should cruise into some Irish Not On Spotify songs. I haven’t researched why, but I am upset that my favorite Tosser’s albums are not on Spotify.

From Communication and Conviction: the Last Seven Years, Buckets of Beer is great, Paper and Pins was included on the cd’s I gave out at my wedding, Seven Drunken Nights and Finnegan’s Wake are classics, and the live version of Irish Rover (can’t find it other than the preview here) is worth playing over and over if only for the intro banter of “All right, you fucks, this is the Irish Rover”.

Every St. Patrick’s day season I would force their version of Tell Me Ma in the rotation, for no else’s enjoyment other than my own.


Dumb & Dumber

I got very cynical dismissive last year around this time when someone passed around this list of best soundtracks from Pitchfork. The main reason was because Dumb & Dumber was nowhere to be found on it. It has this fantastic version of Ballad of Peterpumpkinhead by Crash Test Dummies, The Bear Song by Green Jelly, a cover of Get Ready by the Proclaimers, (more fun fact than good song) Take by the Lupins (of Q101 Lance & Stoley’s fame). Although YouTube says this is Crash (’95 Remix) by the Primitives, I swear there was a fantastic acoustic outro.

Maybe the judges didn’t rate it because all of the songs are not on Spotify. Jonathon Brandmeier favorite (I can’t find link to corroborate with my memory of this, but…) New Age Girl by Dead Eye Dick is not on Spotify at all.


I’m Sofa King

I started writing this post feeling very cute to have a Songs Not On Spotify post go from Danger Mouse to MF Doom’s Cartoon Network release, The Mouse and the Mask as Danger Doom. Though I am bummed it doesn’t technically apply to this category, I double checked and am happy to report that the remixed verison is now on Spotify. The non-remix version– according to Spotify– wasn’t there for a really long time, but it really is the better of the verisons:


Kevin James Sound Guy

I guess he has a new YouTube channel and so far they are dumb but also funny but short enough to watch quick.


Grey Album

Another great tip from Mike for an entry into the Songs Not On Spotify series is The Grey Album. Not only did Danger Mouse only use samples from one album, but thematically matched the song to the sample. And some of the songs sound better than the original (sorry for that one, Rick).

If I remember correctly, Mike heard about this first, we immediately went to the record store and bought 3 copies of the promo (what was produced before the cease and desist was instated). We then opened one to listen to and create cdr copies of while keeping the other two sealed. I still hold hope that one day Uncle Mike will find our copies in his office basement.

I’m going to post the entire album as a YouTube playlist, because I can’t pick one (I think I’ve always listened to it straight through).