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An HBO series whose main character is a do-good serial killer (oops, this is actually a Showtime production).  Although not quite up to par with the Sopranos, this series is definitely worth a watch.  The first couple of shows were so-so but now that I’m into the 3rd disk of season one I can’t seem to pull myself away.  Dexter, a blood expert for the police, soothes his killer addiction by getting rid of the scum that falls through the cracks of our legal system.  Editing, camera work and the storyline become more and more complex as the series continues.

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  • Brian says:

    I just finished watching the first season. Good recommendation. I had a rough time with the Boondock-Saints-style moral dilema of justified killing in the beginning, but I had a hard time tearing myself away from it.
    I heard that because of the writer’s strike and lack of new shows, CBS is going to start showing edited versions of Dexter.