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Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places,” says their website. Every new post is a new “mission” and the people that participate are “agents.” Sounds like something Joan would come up with. They have some great missions: one where two hundred people don’t where pants while they are on the train, one where a bunch of people dress up with blue shirts and khakis and go into a best buy to fuck with everybody, and one where they find a stranger in bar and pretend its his birthday. Here is a video from something they called a MP3 Experiment. The mission is to download an mp3, meet at a park and press play on that track all at the same moment. Its in four parts, here is the first.

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  • Joan says:

    O MY GOD! i’m HOOKED! i can’t believe i haven’t started/participated in anything like this before. all i gotta say is, those small town bender’s have NO IDEA whats about to hit them!