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October 13, 2008 1:48 pm Published by

When dj-ing high school and grade school dances, you need the latest jams.  Buy the latest NOW cd and download whatever the top ten songs are on B96 or KissFm and its covered.  Its usually a lot of crap, but a few are worth while or at least guilty pleasures.

I realize that I am treading on thin ice of being a big dork/nerd by writing on a blog to begin with, but I’ve been recently enjoying the blog Pretty Much Amazing.  It’s got a lot of these “jams” that I was talking about.  Today I found the new Beyonce song and remix of the new Kanye song mashing it with a ZZ Top song.

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  • Nora says:

    Not to bring you teetering to one side or the other but Brian you were referencing Katy Perry songs last time I saw you Brian…