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November 18, 2008 4:03 pm Published by

the KNUXHow about some more rap?  I heard about this group from those two knob-jobs, Gregg Kot and Jim Derogatis, from Sound Opinions on NPR.  (Sound Opinions is not that bad of a show, it’s just these two rock critics always end up saying something that really aggravates me.)  This week they talked about a two guys, Rah Almillio, Krispy Kream, who call themselves the KNUX.  They write, produce and play their own instruments on their own songs and have started to get big.

Since that show I heard them on Entourage, and have a read a little bit about them and the “blipster” movement.  Yes, black hipsters.  They, along with groups like Kidz in the Hall and Cool Kids (the band Kevin Garnett refers to in the NBA 2K9 commercial), are a different kind of hip hop in that they dress like a mix between Run DMC and indie rock or nerds with their music sounding the just like that also.  Passion of the Weiss, a great blog worth checking out, has a pretty good story about it.

I don’ t usually type that much in a post, so sorry if you read all that thinking it was going somewhere.  Basically, check out the KNUX at their myspace or through Hype Machine.

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