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February 24, 2009 12:01 pm Published by

It makes sense that blogs that have funny posts link to other funny/interesting blogs.  All to often, reading where one post links to leads to reading another posts somewhere else.  All of a sudden, 3 hours have gone by.  I was reading a post on about how Patrick Swazye seems to be on his last days from a post at, then only to find another blog,  There are a couple of really good posts on there including this one about a fake Mel Gibson trailer for “The Colonel,”  a great acceptance speech by Mickey Rourke at the IFC Awards, and acceptance speech by japanese guy at the oscars.
Anyways, here is a the Mel Gibson one:

I always say I should watch this show more cause its pretty damn funny, but why would I need to if other people watch it and tell just post up the funny parts.

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