Reefer Madness

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This post is in honor of my little sister Martha…who thinks she doesn’t have anything “cool enough” to contribute to the Bruce.  Thank you for bringing this gem into my life!

A 1936 Propaganda film that has been dug out of the Library of Congress in the ’70’s.  Has recently inherited a cult following due to it’s comedic value.  This is by no means a “good film” but if you need a good laugh I highly suggest getting a couple of bud’s (pun intended) together and give this a viewing.  Almost too campy to be called a B-movie, this is more in the C-minus catagory.  There is no better discription for the movie than the tag line listed:  A group of teens suduced by the power of “reefer” take a few puffs — and instantly become psychotic killers, jazz addicts and whores.

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  • kelly says:

    you kids weren’t lying about all this bruce action — awesome.

    martha — refer madness is gold, don’t hold back on the bruce. brice held back by not actually giving birth to the bruce, and now all we have is this blog instead of a love-pet…

    and rachel, i can’t believe you didn’t know about this because gale “the galexy” miller brought refer madness into our lives many moons ago. i guess you were just too busy watching all those kevin bacon films — that’s right, today rachel denounced p.swayze saying that “just between the two of us” she felt that kevin bacon made better films. i guess you’re right rachel, who would ever watch roadhouse when you could kick back with the air up there? stellar choice.

  • ms.martha says:

    HA! Well Ray I’m glad you enjoyed Reefer Madness as much as me. (“Holy shit they’re doing 45!”) And I can’t believe after all that aruguing with Jared that you would admit to liking Bacon more the Swayze…for shame.

    And maybe with your little nudge I can tear myself away from being a postwhore on St.Louis Raver and pay some attention to the Bruce Blog. Goodness knows it’s givin me loads of lols!

  • Kate says:

    I am not so much enraged that you prefer Bacon to the Swayz, as I am utterly disappointed in you. We will settle this over the weekend, that is if Kelly has watched Viva and Jerry and we are on talking terms. (Esp. after my recent post.)

  • Rachel says:

    I never, repeat NEVER, said that I prefer Bacon to the Swayz. After defending the Swayz for over 2 hours last night I confided in Kelly (which will never happen again). I said that in REAL movies, not hilarious, knee slapping, tv-version prefered 80’s films, that Kevin Bacon had a better film roster. I continued to say that in a “cool” or “badass” contest, the Swayze would win hands down over that angry, barn dancing Bacon. I will forever remain a Swayze (and by association…a Kurt Russel…b/c let’s face it, they’re basically the same person) fan. I hope this calms any qualms in the Bruce blog community.

    And Kelly…remind me to punch you in the face this weekend. Hmm…some friend you are.