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Having previously discussed a love for She & Him, I am upset with myself for not listening to much of the “Him” portion of the band. And that wasn’t till just the other day when I heard the recording of M.Ward on Morning Comes Eclectic. One of the songs, called Fahey, took a few days to realize was the ice-cream truck song. Its tough to tell whether I like it or am just excited about ice-cream, Pavlov style. The original version of the song was written by one of Ward’s major influences, John Fahey, an amazing guitarist. Anyways, he has been on Morning Comes Eclectic and other radio like XRT because he has been promoting is new album “Hold Time,” which is worth checking out either at his myspace or at the Hype.

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  • Nora says:

    The amount of creepy photo shops of Neil’s face appearing on the Bruce is fantastic. Also their is a good live concert of She and Him on NPR’s podcast, Live Concerts from All Songs Considered.