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Fresh after a blog post about my lack of excitement about current television, we are knee deep in awesome television.  This is the time of the year when many shows come out on dvd and new seasons also start.  It’s kinda like Christmas for the lazy and lethargic.   And its also exciting time because its apparently the 20th season of Law & Order, which I didn’t know about till I saw this post about actors who appeared on the show before they got more famous.  I’ve been turned off of the show ever since Maria called SVU “that baby rape-er show” (and I realized how gross that show can get),  but it would great to find the shows with these actors in them.

…And did anyone else know (or care) that Capt. Cragen, the captain from SVU, was the captain on the original season of the show? Or that Chris Noth, Detective Logan, is in L&O: CI and the first season of L&O?

If you don’t care about L&O, then maybe this is more up your alley.  Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald doing Ride Like The Wind with the Roots! Via PopCandy.

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