Who Dat Playing in Dis Commercial?

February 8, 2010 2:07 pm Published by

If are a person that evaluates the Super Bowl by taking into account the quality of the ads, then maybe this super bowl wasn’t as great. I, myself, was actually a little disapointed in the Puppy Bowl this year. Videogum has a collection of the funny (relative term) ads, but it didn’t mention some of the awesome songs used.

Arcade Fire is notorious for not letting their songs be used for ads, but justified it by donating the money they made to Haiti. If you aren’t familiar with their first album (the one with Wake Up from the ad), I can’t recommend it more.

The other band I wanted to get to was The Heavy. I have mentioned them before, but they now have a newer cd out that is also worth a listen. Definitely check out How You Like Me Now and Sixteen (with the Screaming Jay Hawkins sample).

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