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July 21, 2010 11:50 am Published by


Just like some sketches on SNL, sometimes the funniest commercials are the ones that don’t make any sense. I was watching something on the Hulu and ended up laughing more at the commercial. Just when I thought Skittles couldn’t top their Midas/Skittles touch, they did:

To keep with the conversation of hilarious commercials, Mike alerted me to the new Allstate Commercials for the “Mayhem is Coming” campaign staring my boy, Dean Winters. I loved this guy on 30, he was in the first season of SVU, and was great as the brother in Rescue Me. I was thinking about renting OZ, apparently is biggest and most popular role that I’ve never seen; has anyone seen this? Worth it?

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  • kevin says:

    If you can get over the gratuitious male nudity, rape, and homosexual undertones. Then yes you should watch OZ. Also Chistopher Meloni and B.D. wong from SVU are in it. And Winston from Ghostbusters.

  • Neil says:

    I figure if you’re gonna put up with baby rape in SVU why not some full frontal male nudity (because let’s face it “that’s what we all came here to see”)