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Man cannot live off his Ipod alone. Every once in awhile I like to checkout what is going on with the Hype Machine. While I was going to try to string a post together with a list of things that I found on NotCot.org, like this Ninja Turtle Van Remake or a wonderfully animated video about legalizing pot, HypeMachine led me to a post about a recent Jools Holland show. The post features Aloe Blacc, who I have enjoyed ever since I heard his “I Need a Dollar” song, Neil Diamond’s Solitary Man, the Black Key’s cover of “She Said, She Said” (an awesome cover that probably won’t be played on the show).
Most importantly, Paul McCartney will be playing Jools Holland to promote his Band on The Run Reissue, (which is awesome enough) but the article lists a song he did with the Blockheads for an Ian Dury Tribute Album. I only know Ian Dury from his song “Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll,” but isn’t that enough? While he may not have coined the term, that song is fantastic. It’s a lot of ramble just to have the excuse of posting this video:

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