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I like when the plot of a Law & Order show is stretched to incorporate their new endeavor, like when Jerry Orbach was the uncle of a new cop with the special victims unit in L&O: SVU or, in a recent L&O:SVU, when Liv has to go to Los Angeles and work with Skeet Skeet to promote L&O: LA.  It goes to show the amount of care/effort into the new franchises to get people on the show.  Objection. Relevancy!?

Well the reason that I bring it up was that I jamming out to the amazing song in the first couple seconds of that first episode and discovered Make the Girl Dance.  Two french djs that sound influenced or just from the same electro “scene” as Justice and Ed Banger Records. Check out the video for Baby, Baby, Baby, or this video that got me hooked on them, Kill Me:

French Electro music isn’t your scene? I couldn’t decide if it was worth its own post, but Solomon Burke just passed away. If you are unfamiliar with how amazing of a singer he was, just check out the music from other blogs’ tributes to him. He co-wrote “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.” Another favorite is his cover of “Maggie’s Farm.”

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