Shameless in Chicago

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Shameless is a BBC dramedy about a down-and-out family trying to survive with a hopelessly disappointing albatross of a father.  I didn’t like it that much, but there are a few people that read this blog really liked it.  There is funny moments, but they were sometimes hard to laugh at when they are amidst such depressing things and undecipherable British-slang.  Well it was/is popular enough that it is now getting the Office treatment and getting remade on Showtime for an American audience (it looks like even a sometimes shot for shot remake judging from the trailer).  It is now being set in Chicago and starring William H. Macy; nice to see is he getting a role that isn’t the dopey soft-spoken pushover.  Showtime’s marketing is pretty good in tricking me into watching their shows, so I will probably end up watching a few of the shows.  Sorry to get all Maureen Ryan there, but check out the trailers below and see what you think:



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  • Austin says:

    yeah fuck maureen ryan!

  • Neil says:

    Damn Brian you beat me to the punch. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that you got the recommendation (just like I did) about the BBC show “Shamelesss” from PopCandy, you watched the 1st season of “Shameless”(just like I did, and also didn’t like it that much), and you read today’s PopCandy to find that not only is Showtime re-making the show but (just like I said to myself at work today too) this trailer is almost shot for shot, absolutely nothing new.

  • Brian says:

    Ellen, one of those that did love the UK show, was not very excited due it actually being nothing new to watch.  

    Also, I like Macy, but my favorite part the last line, which in the uk version goes “we know how to throw a paaaateeee” and in the us version he says the line like a black comic trying to sound white.
    And I didn’t put the reference to PopCandy out of laziness.  Anyone who reads the blog knows that is where most of my juice comes from, which you clearly did. Juice!
  • Brian says:

    Austin, did you like see the article I linked to (or at least the title)?  I remember reading the Trib “Watcher” section and thinking that it wouldn’t be a huge loss to cut that fat from the section.  

  • Austin says:

    yeah exactly. that article makes her out to be an amazing critic. i mean it doesn’t take much expertise to say mad men dominates every week. im very excited for less of her and more of mah boy Luis Arroyave