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Following Brian’s video on Canada’s new political ambitions, I thought why not trace things back to the source of the Common Wealth; Britain.  In all of her imperial glory, the United Kingdom has produced a great deal of content for jokes however as I am sure Brian has figured out, the ole Iron Lady herself is a frequent butt of Marty’s jokes at dinner and it is rightfully so.

As I am sure people have seen the trailer but a new film is released Friday titled The Iron Lady.  While the film does look awesome and I will be going to see it.  My sentiments toward Margaret Thatcher are similar to this. She is like an incredibly smarter version of Sarah Palin/Michele Bachman/next dim witted neocon Tea Party princess.   Actually that is insulting to Thatcher.

The point, besides my rant on Margaret Thatcher being as kind to unions as Scott Walker has been in Wisconsin, is that while the sun has set on the British Empire there appears to be some type of shooting star of Anglo going on.

Jon Stewart was recently thwarted by John Oliver on the inner workings of the American government.

Downton Abbey and Sherlock both began their newest seasons.  Kelly and Carrie, I know you are just as addicted to the charms of Mr. Bates as I am.

Finally, Kim by Rudyard Kipling a easy and entertaining yet insulting read.  Check out this review from a 1901 edition of The Atlantic. 


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