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Like Adele and Duffy getting more press and label attention after Amy Winehouse got famous, Mayer Hawthorne‘s success has given a bump to some new neo-soul or whatever you want to call this retro sounding music.
JD McPherson was recommended to me from Aunt Mary after hearing him on XRT for Cubs opening day. Finnally remembered to give it a listen and am upset that it took so long. In two of the videos there are reel-to-reel tape recorders; so he doesn’t want anyone to forget that he recorded everything analog. Anyway, this song is pretty addicting:

get the song for freezies from his site too.

Nick Waterhouse is another musician I have gotten into with the same affinity for analog recording, horns, and old things (just check out his site/blog). Check out his video here or the video of him doing a bunch of songs for KEXP.

And speaking of Mayer Hawthorne’s popularity, check out this goofy song he created about Hennessy and Gingerale. Try and get it out of your head after hearing it.

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