The Hipster-Hipster Shake

February 11, 2013 12:34 pm Published by

These videos are wildy funny premise. Pretty enjoyable to watch other people doing it. Call it “the new meme” and all of a sudden I am kinda annoyed by it.  Not hating on a meme because I am a hipster (though I make no case), but hating on it more because I feel like a crotchety old man yelling “these kids and their GD memes!”  Anyways, enjoy:

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This post was written by Brian


  • Neil says:

    I first came across this Harlem Shake fad on Friday and promptly had to educate myself by means of KnowYourMeme. Not a few minutes after this a co-worker sent me a dancing gif.  Naturally I combined the two, thought up a pun-derful title and attempted my first Reddit submission: they disallowed my creation for stated reasons even though my submission was clearly superior in both pun usage and sound-dance sync. In the end all I have left is my name, and yes I chose Abrahamdrinkin1861. 

  • Brian says:

    Sorry Neil, your comment got caught up in “Comment Moderation” and I didn’t realize it.

  • Neil says:

    Dear Brian,

    It’s alright, I suppose I should have made it easier and signed in so that the Bruce could know who was the comment-kazi. This example however has only further exposed your clear preferential treatment to Austin. Decidedly I have chosen to take the higher road and beat the man at his own game because you can bet what you see is what you get, and what you don’t see, is better yet.


  • Austin says:

    Yeah, Austin’s awesome.

  • Neil says:

    My response to Austin’s comment comes in the form of animated gif that I envision him doing as he is saying that:

    and my response is: