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In comparison to Leno, Kimmel’s man-on-the-street segment is much better than Jaywalking.  His New York Fashion Week video was entertaining and worth a watch, but the last one asking people about Obamacare vs. the Affordable Care Act was more upsetting than funny. Maybe I’m selfishly upset that this government shutdown is affecting my camping trip to a national park. Maybe I am upset that some people are so fame-hungry to be on tv despite not knowing what they are talking about.  Maybe I’m upset that people are forming staunch opinions based on little information.  Maybe I am upset at how people’s answers on this video seem to expose a racism against/for Obama (even if it was shot/edited that way).

Or maybe it is all of that.  I realize it may be a little too simplistic of a cause and effect, but it seems that a lot of ignorance and racism has caused the election of too many congressmen who would rather shut it all down than try to fix things or compromise.

Sorry to ruin this video if just wanted to laugh, but here it is:

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