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A Little Joy from the Strokes

It’s been about two years since “First Impressions of Earth” was released.  The Strokes say that they are planning on having the followup released next year, and its wonderful of them to fit that into their busy schedule; they all seem to have side projects worth checking out.

julianJulian did a song not too long ago with Pharrell and Santogold for converse called “My Drive Thru” which is pretty good.

albert’sAlbert Hammond, Jr. released his second solo disc “¿Cómo Te Llama?” which is not as good as the first bust still worth a listen.

nickolai’s new bandNikolai Fraiture has a side project called Nickel Eye with Regina Spektor and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Nick Valensi has done some work with Devandra Banhart and Regina Spektor.

fab’s new bandFabrizio Moretti has been getting the most press lately.  Kevin is the one that first told me about this band, Little Joy.  Little Joy is made up of Fab, his girlfriend, Binky, producer Noah Georgeson, and Los Hermanos guitarist Rodrigo Amarante. Just like all the other projects, it doesn’t sound that far off from The Strokes.  Check it out a better story about it here.


Dj Lil’ Breezy

When dj-ing high school and grade school dances, you need the latest jams.  Buy the latest NOW cd and download whatever the top ten songs are on B96 or KissFm and its covered.  Its usually a lot of crap, but a few are worth while or at least guilty pleasures.

I realize that I am treading on thin ice of being a big dork/nerd by writing on a blog to begin with, but I’ve been recently enjoying the blog Pretty Much Amazing.  It’s got a lot of these “jams” that I was talking about.  Today I found the new Beyonce song and remix of the new Kanye song mashing it with a ZZ Top song.



Thanks to the girls from MN on the Africa trip and to Joan on the recent cross country road trip, Mika is a new guilty pleasure.  He’s apparently big in Europe, but thats not that impressive.  I haven’t heard much about him on the American radio or tv.  His myspace describes his music as Think Beck via Queen and Elton John and a touch of Rufus W. and thats pretty accurate. Lollipop and Big girls are pretty good.



You told everyone that I was gay… OK

While trying to catch up with the lack of internet from Africa, I came across a band/rap-duo called Shwayze.  I thought their tunes were decent, somewhat funny, and kind of a summer appeal to them.  Then I saw the music video of one of their songs and realized that they are trying to be the LFO of the 2008.  I would suggest that you listen to them before you see how much of douchebags they look like in the videos. 

And if you forgot that you did like LFO for the summer they were cool then click this: (more…)


Kanye Videos

Throughout his career, Kanye West makes a significant effort to make good videos to go with his singles.  He has had some pretty good ones for this current album.  The latest one is for Champion featuring a puppet running a race.

But the best video for one of his songs was for”Can’t Tell Me Nothing,”  the first single from Graduation.  He originally made one of just him in a desert with a bunch of wind that we decent, but he then commissioned another one from one of the best comedians right now, Zach Galifianakis.  Zach did videos of himself lip-synching with a very serious expression to a Fiona Apple song and an Anita Baker song that are hilarious. When Kanye asked him to do one for him, this is what he came up with: