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Here is another jam from the Chairman of the Board, off their debut album. The covers by Clarence Carter and Jerry Reed are done so well that they sound like they wrote them, but like I mentioned in the last post, the original was removed on Spotify:

Looking at the tracklisting, I was intrigued in the covers. Dave Mason’s Feeling Alright is worth a listen, but I might just be too burnt out on so many covers of the Beatles’ Come Together to enjoy their version.


Chairman of the Board

Give Me Just a Little More Time must be going through some ownership disputes, because it keeps being taken off and put on Spotify over the past couple years. As Mike pointed out, it is currently not. So enjoy it on youtube for now:


Walk this way

Big thank you Megalodon for this gem. I can’t remember seeing Dragnet, but I know I’ve never seen Dan Akroyd or Tom Hanks rap. This video is so very 1987. Someone with money clearly just said, legally rip-off Run DMC’s Walk this Way and make a promotional music video this movie. As Mike said to me: it’s not on Spotify, but it should be.



Have ya’ll heard the new Margo Price? It is great.

Accompanying the release is a Spotify playlist that is utterly dynamite:

On that is playlist is this hot jam from Shocking Blue (yes, the band that that sang the oldies-staple Venus). Here is that:


I want to be your Sledgehammer

While I don’t think Harry Styles did anything new with or added anything unique to this cover of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, the live drums on this are fucking fantastic.