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Bloody Rippa

You might have noticed in the last post that Nicky Hopkins got his start with Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages. It definitely reminded me of another song that isn’t on Spotify. The original Jack the Ripper by Screaming Lord Sutch is there, but my introduction to it, alongside Astro, by the White Stripes is not on Spotify:

If you have the time, watch this terrifyingly wonderful clip of Screaming Lord Sutch doing his song live, scaring the shit of of kids:


Cover me badd

Thanks to Mike for the another fun recommendation, but Neil Young’s Homegrown is a good listen. I wrote a whole bit here gushing over his cover of Love Is A Rose, until I looked up the wikipedia article to link to and learned that Neil in-fact wrote the song and that Homegrown is an only recently released album originally recorded in 1975. Here is a link to Linda Ronstadt’s version only because I love it so much, but here is Neil Young’s version:

And it’s a great melody; check out his Dance Dance Dance from Live at Massey Hall 1971.


Oh, Carol!

I should have mentioned in the previous post which song lead me to discovering Rockin’ Horse (but maybe I’m just spacing out posts). When touring in support of his first solo album, I stumbled on a bootleg of a Dan Auerbach show, which included the cover of Oh, Carol, which I became obsessed with. His version is great and definitely worth it’s own post.

Here is the mp3 that has the best quality I could find

or here is a video:


Rockin’ Horse

Has anyone heard of this band before? I downloaded their album, Yes It Is, years ago for one song; on first listen it sounded like a generic crappy 70’s band, but I listened it a couple of more times and really like all of these songs. Aquarium Drunkard has a good post about the album if you want more info. Don’t know why it popped into my brain again, but give it a listen and let me know what you think:



Here is another jam from the Chairman of the Board, off their debut album. The covers by Clarence Carter and Jerry Reed are done so well that they sound like they wrote them, but like I mentioned in the last post, the original was removed on Spotify:

Looking at the tracklisting, I was intrigued in the covers. Dave Mason’s Feeling Alright is worth a listen, but I might just be too burnt out on so many covers of the Beatles’ Come Together to enjoy their version.