Pray for Goulet

October 25, 2007 11:00 am Published by

Pray for Goulet

So I know that most of our posse has been alerted to Goulet’s condition, but what about other people who are reading this freaky blog (do those even exist?). It only seems right to honor him in an open forum where we can swap stories and sponge baths. has the most information, and also ways to contact Cedars-Sinai Medical Center or post prayers and support for Vera. Brice will be sending Goulet a pub crawl t-shirt to lift his spirits, which we beefed up to high priority on her task list. You can get involved by sending a nice note, wearing your Goulet gear, or purchasing a home-made live strong bracelet from Al.

While I was searching for my favorite Goulet video (if anyone has the tv funhouse video that involves triumph, please share — it is honestly the funniest thing ever), I stumbled across this gem, which is essential in any good Goulet repertoire:

Enjoy, and keep Goulet on your mind.

PS Details of the transplant party will be posted soon, basically, keep your entire schedule cleared.

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  • Brian says:

    There are two must see Goulet videos.
    1. I don’t know if actual shows were ever made, but I do know that they should have based on this pilot for Goulet as “Acting Sheriff.”

    2. Will Ferrell as Goulet. Jay-Z is the musical guest and is smoking up the whole sketch.

  • Kelly says:

    Umm Brian, I agree that Acting Sheriff is the best, that’s why I posted it — but why male models?

    PS Unfortunately, they never made it, and I can’t understand why.

  • Kelly says:

    You’ll never live that down. I have forgiven, but not forgotten.

    Also, it’s 2:00 right now (I know that because it’s Michael Jackson hour at the office — no joke), yet your comment was made at 2:31 pm — are you blogging from the future?

    And finally, has my watch turned up in your apartment by any chance? It’s velcro with flowers and smells like cafeteria food — I haven’t seen it since a little something called blackout Saturday…

  • Shannon says:

    I was sorry to hear the news today. R.I.P. Bob