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January 21, 2008 11:52 pm Published by

Cesars or Ceasars?There have been rumors and even some sporadic meetings ….but is official ….Margarita Club will meet this Thursday. Where you ask? At Caesar’s of course (half a block south of Belmont on Clark). If you can feel the warm glow of a neon pink sign that says “KILLER MARGARITAS” you are in the right place! If you cannot find people you know, check the basement. When? 9pm… it’s a touch late you’re right, but suck it up Sally and come anyway…i hear Caesar puts out and you can be home by 11:30! Why? Because the margaritas are best and Kelly is bringing a meat tenderizer as a gavel…what else are you really doing? As always the more the merrier…so bring a buddy!
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  • Rachel says:

    I’m jealous…I love killer margaritas…I love Caesars…and I love Kelly with a meat tenderizer. Ellen, I wish you wern’t a liar…there is no way I can be home by 11:30.

    Enjoy your fruit and booze filled frosty drinks…jerk.