Stand-Up Month is the BEST!

January 17, 2008 7:09 pm Published by

As many of you probably know this month is Stand-Up month on Comedy Central. Clearly the greatest month evers! Just the other day Lizzy and I stumbled upon one of my favorite comedians special on Comedy Central. Demetri Martin is a comedian from New York who previously wrote for Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I first saw him on my favorite show, The Daily Show, with his special correspondents section on Trendspotting. His special that has been playing in “Demetri Martin. Person.” is pretty fantastic. He is a pretty funny guy, here is the first segment I saw him on that got me hooked and an exert from his special. Enjoy!

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  • Ellen says:

    Well Nora….surprise, surprise we have similar taste… Brian and I have recently been obsessing over Demetri ( because it one my favorite names and least favorite vodkas) and cackling to the point of making his roomie uncomfortable….anyway back to the point, Demetri’s hilarity…while his use of music and drawings are refreshing ….i can’t help but think of mitch hedburg…all those clever one liners, fantastic! mitch of course is first in heart and will always be the king of type of stoner standup but demetri is quite good too…not to mention the fact that he opens his eyes during his shows!