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I’m using the power of the Bruce Blog for my own personal gain…I hope everyone is ok with that.  I am in need of some information involving Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I vaguely remember this from my youth but could swear that Arnie was involved in some sort of public service announcement.  It had to do with children’s health or perhaps eating a nutritional breakfast.  Now, I don’t think this was ever aired on TV, I think it was like a preview or something on VHS tapes.  I recall Arnold in the White House, standing in front of the presidential seal, talking to kids about donuts. Does anyone remember this?  I tried explaining it to a classmate but I think I lost him when I mentioned VHS…damn these kids today.  Why might I need this?  I’m doing a report/presentation on Childhood Obesity for my Health class and can’t think of a better way to earn an A than putting some Old School Arnold out there for all to see.  So my merry little band of web surfing freaks, I’m looking to you for answers.  Please help me on this search.   

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  • Brian says:

    Arnold was made the chairman of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 1990. If you go to you can see the logo you probably remember from saturday morning PSAs where arnold is running with a bunch of kids. His wikipedia page is pretty helpful, though the sources that the facts link to are not good. Supposedly, Kindergarden Cop was used as a tool to advance his political career. Crafty bastard.

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks Brian…I wish I could get my hands on those tapes…I can’t seem to find any video footage of it online. I guess the class will have to do with a cardboard cutout and flash cards.