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IKEA LampThat was sarcastic; this is just random info that I thought was worth mentioning. Via NotCot.org, there is a site called Instructables that with some nifty crafts/projects to check out like how to make a photobooth out of a digital camera and a printer or this lamp made from IKEA baby lamps.

Att adJoan might get a kick out of this: site for a group called the Billboard Liberation Front. I found my way there via seeing this humorous billboard.

Not sure why this is getting all the attention it is getting, but it is worth mentioning before your Grandma tells you how funny it is. Stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com is exactly what it says. They include things like #69 Mos Def, #75 Threatening to Move to Canada, #62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People, #67 Standing Still at Concerts. An article of why its popular is here, if you wanna keep it going.

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