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The Heavy  A good blog to check out is SomeVelvetBlog.  Every week it has a “weekend mixtape” with a random group of songs that are worth a listen.  Most of the songs are from older bands, but usually a great mix.  I haven’t enjoyed the other posts there about newer bands but yesterday there was a great one.  The Heavy are a band from England that are amazing.  The singer sounds like Curtis Mayfield; I keep waiting for the singer to say either “aww superfly…” or “pusherman.”  Great set of horns to complete it.  Also, I don’t know why they would have an ax in their band picture, but I like it.  The album is already out in England; I can’t find when it is going to be released in the US. They only have four songs on their myspace, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs.

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