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Can’t think of anything interesting to post about, just don’t want the top post having “rape” in the title for more than a couple days.  It had its moment, now its time to move on.  Just for the sake of nostolgia, I have a video from an old sesame street.  With all the songs that have “walk” or “run” in the title,  this was the first song that I could think of when asked to get a list of songs for the Y-Me walk this weekend.

Also, via Pop Candy, remember Showbiz Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese Pizza?  Remember the Rock-aFire  Explosion, the animatronic band that played everyones birthday party there?  I didn’t, till I saw the video.  Anyway, there are people that collect the robot musicians from the band.  Here is a video of the band playing “Pop Lock and Drop It.”

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