What’s the deal Subway?

May 12, 2008 12:59 pm Published by

Subway has always been one of my favorite sandwich shoppes (that’s old timey talk for shop).  But recently I feel that the sandwich’s they serve are going downhill.  I believe this all started when they decided to slice their bread differently.  If you can recall the bread used to be cut along the top in a “U” shape, allowing a nice little pocket for your assorted meats, cheeses and veggies.  This new “straight across the middle, but not quite all the way through” cut is ruining the dynamic of a once great sandwich!  It’s madness I tell you, MADNESS!  I probably could have gotten over the new way they slice bread but what I’m about to tell you is downright silly and might quite possibly jeopardize my return visits to Subway.  They are now putting the veggies on the BOTTOM of the sandwich.  What the hell is that?  As a former sandwich artist I find this insulting.  The proper order of ingredients is cheese, meat, veggies, condiments.  You can maybe mix up the cheese/meat order but under no circumstances should vegetables be on the bottom.  Now I have to eat my sandwich upside down…and I’m pissed because that really throws off my bread to meat ratio (because of the aforementioned new cut). I don’t know what this world is coming to, thank goodness Subway still has decent sized cups or they might be the new IHOP.   

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  • Tom says:

    Alright, I know this is an old post, and chances are no one will read it, but I just had subway for lunch as I do from time to time and was reminded of this… So as we all know, it greatly pains me to agree with Rachel on anything resturaunt related, just admit you love IHOP!! But I digress, and back to the point. WTF Subway. My sammich was decent, but could’ve been oh so much more delicious if it had been made with the “classic cut” as I will call it. This straight cut business is just garbage. All of my meats and veggies were falling all over the place out of the sammich. It was a very sloppy experience and I blame the sandwich artist as well as the politics of this new way of bread slicing. In my mind the “new cut” just doesn’t cut it.

  • Rachel says:

    IHOP can blow me.