Pixar Movie & Candy Quiz

June 30, 2008 11:36 am Published by

Alright I did decently good at this quiz but I challenge anyone to beat my 8 right 6 wrong score.

And here’s another quiz about identifying candy bars, the fat kid in my got 13 out of 20. (I predict Joan being much more of a fat kid will get a higher score.)

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  • Joan says:

    13 out of 20 bia! looks like we’re the same amount of fat kid. but lets get serious for a second, who the hell has heard of those 7 rediculous candy bars we got wrong, because they sure as hell don’t sell those at any gas stations i’ve been to

  • Tom says:

    Well alright, I guess I take command as resident fat kid here with my 15 out of 20. What dirty Russian came up with a Skor bar anyway? But in the spirit of these quizzes, and America….. here’s another that will make all of our Juliana teachers proud…. oh and just so you all know, I rocked a 100% so I mean no big deal, but you know.


  • Nora says:

    While I matched the Candy bar quiz with a 13 out of 20. I am embarrassed to say I got the question on Senators wrong and got a 95% on the America quiz. A lot of help the Constitution test was…

  • Brian says:

    Got a 100% too. Marty would be very upset with you, Norah. See what happens when you hang out in the armpit of America for a year.