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Can’t say that much cause of time constraints on the interweb, so I won’t get to into it, but yesterday on a camel ride, we saw a Zonkey.  Thats right, half donkey, half zebra!  Pictures to follow, but wikipedia it on your own time.

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This post was written by Brian


  • Joan says:

    you went with “zonkey” and when “zebrass” is an equally acceptable nomenclature? its like i don’t even know you anymore

  • Brian says:

    Zebrass is a nice word, but actual name the zoological community recognizes is Zonkey. I didn’t make that shit up. We have been making up other animals that we like to see breed, like the ziraffe, the zion, and the zunicorn.

  • Rachel says:

    Sounds like the zebra is a whore.

  • Joan says:

    zebra is a whore? or brian and ellen are whore LIARS! i’ve recently become friends with an 80 year old mountain woman, who explained that donkey’s are sterile; and personally i trust gladys over any “zoological community”. good luck with your ziraffe or zion, napoleon dynamites!

  • Brian says:

    I don’t know why Wikipedia would lie to me? Second of all, you are listening to 80-year-old-mountain-women over science? You have been away from civilization too long, Joan. Its time to come home, hippie.

  • Tom says:

    alright i just want to clear something up for you boners: 1 the zonkey is real, and it is glorious. i touched it with my own hands and haven’t washed them since. 2 the zonkey (much like a mule) is sterile, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. and 3 as soon as i get my shit together i will post our picture of the zonkey that we saw (and by ours, i mean the pic that i need to steal from someone else because we have like 4 pics of our trip). that is all.

  • kelly says:

    damn it, apparently tom commented on the bruce last time from this computer — the post above is really from me. 1 point technology.

  • Tom says:

    I saw that and I have never touched this magical creature, which sorry Joan, I am on the side of science on this one, discovery channel and animal planet wouldn’t lie to me like that…. stop trying to steal my identity Kelly, bitch.