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Wassup, here is a just a random list of stuff that I found today.  Topless Robot put a list together of the weirdest E.T. merchandise here.  Here is a promotion where you can morph a picture of yourself into the hulk here.  I don’t know if I would spend this kind of money, but I do think it would be cool to have a personalized muppet.  A bunch of bands are making 8 second promos for NBC just doing the three bars.  The Flaming Lips are doing one with the help of Wayne Coyne’s guitar made with a guitar hero controller.  Here is another cute/funny video for Obama with the Wassup guys.  You can have Ellen Degeneres call someone you know for a wakeup call to take pills.  And, nope, that picture is not supposed to be an E.T. dildo. (All from Pop Candy, Stereogum, and SomeVelvetBlog.)

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