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February 26, 2009 1:49 pm Published by

fedexpope.jpgThis just in, this just in.  …I might be spreading around a rumor and bullshit, but according to Cinematical, Cera has joined the cast of Arrested Development movie.  Huzzah!  …Andy Richter (did you know he went to U of I Urbana/Champaign and Columbia College?) is going to be Conan’s sidekick once again.  …Via Ain’t It Cool News, When the Tonight Show with Conan OBrien starts again in june, it will be with Andy.  Still no word on Masturbating Bear or Fed-Ex Pope.  …Via PopCandy, you can watch episodes of Captain Planet on Mother Nature Network.  I didn’t realize that so many celebrities contributed their voices to the show.  …Michel Gondry, a favorite director of mine, is only making himself cooler in my eyes by recently directing a Flight of the Conchords and now getting ready to direct Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet.  …Bedbugs are making a comeback in Chicago.  Having had bedbugs before, I am fucking scared.  …And in political news, Senator Burris is really up shit creek these days.  I don’t read much news; can someone let me know if its me or does there seem to be a lot of people that are being appointed to political offices that have tax problems?  Is this normal?

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