Don’t push me, Kelly.

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Guess who is celebrating her 52nd bday today??? That’s right, Ms. Vanna White.   I though the best way to commemorate her special day (and stick it to Kelly) would be a few factoids:

1.  Her committed fan-base refer to themselves as “Vannafans.”

2. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she holds the distinction of being Television’s Most Frequent Clapper. (Hmmm, not seeing Kelly H. Collins in there.  Seems like maybe you shouldn’t judge.)

3.  At the end of this season, she will have worn over 5,100 different gowns.

4. She is an avid crocheter and has her own line of yarn called, “Vanna’s Choice.”

5. Prior to her career on the Wheel, she & her boobs were featured in Playboy in 1987.

6. She was born was born Vanna Marie Rosich.

P.S. – I couldn’t have asked for a better/ more serendipitous way to zing Kelly. 

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