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Since Brian seems to be on a “great Chicago institutions to eat at” kick, I thought I might be of some assistance.  Spending two and a half years crossing the city left and right gave me the opportunity to experience a spectrum of culinary quickstops, from an authentically Italian deli to the greasiest diner.

My dad mentioned a place called Bari’s one day when I was lost downtown on the ambulance.  I headed over with my partner at the time who said, “I have been looking for a place like this my entire life,” after finishing his sandwich.  It’s a small grocery store in the front, and after walking through the aisles you find yourself at the precipice of sub sandwich superiority.  The deli has cuts of meat available, they keep some of the bones and sell them to people with dogs, and they make (hands down) the best damn Italian sub in Chicago – and the other ones on the menu are just as good, too.  They get their bread fresh from a bakery next door every morning and throughout the day.  The only place I have seen that comes close to this is Tony’s Deli on Northwest Highway, and after several experiences at both places, I have to give the edge to Bari’s, because it’s just…that…good.

During one of my excursions, I came across something that you, Brian, will delight in.  I bought a book for $12.95 – The Streets and San Man’s Guide to Chicago Eats, by Dan Foley.  I felt your “city worker” comment on your last food post warranted mentioning it.  Bari’s is the first place written about in the book (which is probably why they had it for sale) but I’ve also been to a couple of the other places, and everything this guy says is spot on.  Whilst I’m on my 25 day vacation, I will be regularly going out to lunch at some of the places mentioned to see if they’re that good, or still open (the book was copywrighted in 2004).  Let me know if you want to check them out too, otherwise you can borrow the book.

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  • Brian says:

    My Dad is the person that told me about the “city worker knows where to eat” originally. He actually owns the book also, its pretty wonderful. Just like Bari’s sounds. I do love me a good sandwich.